If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that you’re more than capable of reaching your ideal clients

But no matter how many times you try you can't nail down a Marketing Technique that works for you!
You're posting on one platform & not seeing any traction,
 & you always have great plan for your Mini Sessions but get crickets when you launch

...knowing how to market to people who will invest in your business.

There's a way to simplify and scale your marketing approach even though it feels impossible!
So far it hasn’t been easy, you’ve been struggling to fully book your calendar & find the right people who appreciate your photography.

No matter how many times you’ve tried…
+ Posting Without A Schedule
+ Sending Random Emails Hoping That Will Work
+ Offering Minis with no response

There’s a way to grow your Marketing

... even though it feels like everything you’ve tried so far has kept you in the same place.

I need a change!

If growing your client list feels like a huge stretch right now...
Or you’re working your butt off and still stuck at the same income level....
You’re tired of feeling like you don't know where to find new clients!

It's now time to customize a plan that with help you market your Family Photography business in a way that's aligned with you & your clients.

One that will allow you to…
Build Up Your Income
Fill Your Calendar
& Allow You To Find Your Passion Again with your Family Sessions!

Just imagine how good it will feel when everything clicks and you’re finally able to achieve exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Meet Miranda

I did everything I wasn't supposed to do! My emails were generic with no personality, I never blogged a single session, was overworking myself, and couldn't find how to start working with my ideal clients!

Now, I'm adding more flare and personality to my emails, reaching a new client base that I wasn't before, and have brought in over $40,000 from families ALONE!

The best part is that I'm not having to overwork myself to get these results. I'm authentic & passionate just like you- but now I know how to harness that and create an amazing experience for my clients.

Family Sessions are amazing for me and my family, they allow me to stay home with my girls, spend more time doing what I love, and have given me the gift of educating HUNDREDS of photographers all over the world!

Sharing this information and allowing others to support their family is my main reason for doing this!

Have Questions?

We have more potential than we give ourselves credit for

success is measured in happiness

Life is too short to not spend it doing something you love

I believe:

The Marketing Bundle


For Only $37!

15 ways to market to your audience that work


In under an hour here's what you'll be able to accomplish!

+ Learn 15 new ways to Market your minis today!

+ Understand Marketing options that you've never used before!

+ Reaching Families from multiple platforms

+ Offer a model call & grow your email list!

Included you'll find:

+ The Marketing Video from my Classic Mini Session Course

+ a Bonus Workbook
to track your Marketing Techniques

+ A Deep Dive into Landing Pages

+ The Deep Dive for Model Calls

+ A Deep Dive into Sales Psychology

+ My Model Call Template!

Don't wait! Get Your

Marketing Your Minis Bundle today!

PS! All of these strategies that I'm teaching you to Market and Sell Your Mini Sessions can also be applied to your regular Family Sessions all year round!

success is measured in happiness

Life is too short to not spend it doing something you love


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