Whether you're starting your lives together or you've let your love blossom into a family- you're the type of person that I love working with.

If I had to guess? You're wildly in love with your partner, your kids are strong-willed & resilient, your lives together are beautiful & chaotic.

Capturing this moment in your lives just has to be done.

Let's Celebrate your family

Let's Work Together!

Your Legacy Captured

Relationships can start at anytime, but how do we get the ball rolling?

If you're interested in booking with me & joining the MEP Family then you are 1 email away from making it happen!

We're local to Central Pa but will travel just about anywhere!

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The Client Closet

Once you have access to The Client Closet you'll choose 2-3 outfits that you'd like to try on! Once you have those outfits in mind we'll get together one week before your session for your custom fitting! This is where you try on the outfits that you've chosen, deciding on your final choice for your family portraits!

Creating stunning photos of your family

Capturing Your Legacy

During our time together we will capture portraits of your family that will fill the walls of your home, and be shared with family & friends for years!

After our session you'll receive a special gift as a "Thank You" for working with Miranda!

Getting together & making your dreams comes true

Delivery Day!

Once your final gallery is ready on Delivery Day we'll walk you through the steps for printing your portraits and sharing them with friends & family!

Your family's legacy ready for print

You've fallen in love with my photography style & think that we're perfect for each other! But you still don't know what it's like to work with me, until now!

What is it like to work with Miranda?

Every single one of my families have 3 things in common with each other! They should be

 head over heels in love, 

up for some crazy fun ideas,

and are overflowing with joy!

Let's Work Together!


Collection I

Collection II

Collection III




+ 1 hour Session
+ Full Gallery
+ 1 10x10 Album
+ Client Closet
+ Digital Gallery within 1 week

+ 1 hour Session
+ Full Gallery
+ Client Closet
+ Digital Gallery within 1 week

+ 45 Minute Session
+ 10 Portraits
+ Client Closet
+ Digital Gallery within 2 weeks
+ Option to upgrade to Full Gallery

**Most Popular Package**

The Sweigart Family

Kind Words

Let's Work Together!

The Shank Family

Kind Words

Let's Work Together!

The Sullivan Family

Kind Words

Let's Work Together!

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