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I love playing with old film cameras! It's a hobby of mine.

My camera

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Meet Miranda

I did everything I wasn't supposed to do! I gave away 100+ images, offered 30 minute sessions, went over my allotted time for EVERY family, and never upsold a single image.

Now, I'm booking my calendar faster than ever, keeping to my 15 minutes per family while serving them well, not feeling overwhelmed or stressed, and upselling more than 50% of my galleries!

After years of doing it all wrong, I finally figured out how to do it right.

Minis offer cash injections that are amazing for me and my family!

Especially around the holidays, what I make from Mini Sessions pays for my entire family's Christmas!

Gifts, Christmas dinner, additional décor- this is entirely funded by my own Mini Sessions!

Sharing this information and allowing others to support their family is my main reason for doing this!

We have more potential than we give ourselves credit for

success is measured in happiness

Life is too short to not spend it doing something you love

I believe:

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Can I pay for 1 year instead of doing monthly payments?

Nope! This will benefit you if you shoot family session through out the year, as well! Mini Session education focuses on giving your client the best experience in just those 15 minutes that you're with them (while serving them before & after)! Family sessions include the same principles, and you can apply these to everyone of your sessions!

Is this ONLY for Mini Sessions?

Every month I get together with any students who are looking to get some questions answered! These are planned out weeks in advance, and hosted by me every single month. Every month I send out and email asking about any and all questions you're looking to get answered, whether it's about Mini Sessions or Family Sessions- then I collect all of them and we get to chatting together! Can't make it? That's okay! Every single one of these are recording and posted to The Vault, even if nobody shows up!

Tell me about the Live Q&As

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