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Samantha & Brad were planning a small wedding before COVID even made them cool. While they are not my first ‘elopement style’ wedding I have a feeling that theirs will be so memorable.

While we were planning their Engagement Session Sam made it clear that they wanted to incorporate their love of Nintendo into their session. I was determined to make it happen! (In case you didn’t know- my husband is a huge videogame fan. I can’t count all the amiibos or posters we have in our house! It’s fair to say that it’s rubbed off on me over the years).

Also! How amazing that during COVID I have the privilege of serving one of the hardest working members of our community? If you didn’t know, Sam teaches Middle School and she is just out of this world.

Not only is she planning a wedding during COVID, but she’s also involved in clubs and organizations that focus on our future leaders. Her & her colleagues are honestly the only thing keeping us parents sane somedays!

It was wonderful to connect with these two, and the smiles that they brought were y never ending! Their idea to have this session at The Strasburg Railroad was perfect for them because of Brad’s love of history. It makes it even more special that they traveled all the way from Maryland to spend the day traveling around our little area.

Would you have guessed that not 10 minutes before I left my house it was absolutely downpouring? I was honestly afraid that we would have to reschedule our session! Just as I pulled up the rain had cleared, and we were left with a cloudy sky our entire session! While I would have preferred a bright sunny day, you can’t argue with the results…

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