Do I Need an Assistant for My Mini Sessions?

Mini Session

If you want your Mini Sessions to run smoother, turn your clients into returning supporters, and earn additional income- then yes! If you’ve been wondering for weeks now, “Do I need an assistant for my mini sessions?” The answer is a resounding yes! But, only if you want your business to grow & make more money!

If you don’t, then don’t worry about hiring an assistant.

Why are assistants so important during our Mini Session events? Why can’t you just talk to your clients, and prep them before their session, and answer all of their questions afterwards? While simultaneously serving them as their photographer while prepping them to purchase full packages and Upsells that you offer?

Why can’t you be superman?

Because NOBODY can do all of this, not be overwhelmed, and still serve their clients well!

You may think, “I can handle it, I’ve done it before!”

But did you? You may have done all of this by yourself, but did you REALLY serve your clients well? Or did they maybe feel rushed? A bit overwhelmed because you have your next client ready, and you’re trying to get them out the door?

Sometimes we think that we can handle everything by ourselves (I am SO guilty of this!) but the truth is? We can’t do it alone!

What can we not do alone?

Serve our clients well, stay on schedule, not become overwhelmed, and make additional income at the same time! (Upsells!)

Why do I need an assistant for my Mini Sessions?

You Need Additional Support

That’s what an Assistant is! They help prep your clients, bring them in for the session, and coach them on what to expect on their way out. Having someone else take over when you’ve got your hands full with your clients in front o fyour camera can be such a relief! You turn around, ask them to bring in your next family- and they’ve already got them prepared, checked in, and ready to go!

You End Up Selling A lot More in the Long Run

Having an assistant with you allows for them to focus on nurturing your clients after their photo session is finished. You’ve served them, gave them a beautiful array of photos to choose from, and now your assistant comes in and explains (without pressuring or rushing them through the process) all about the additional packages that they can purchase once they receive their gallery. While your assistant primes them for Upsells, you’ve already moved onto the next family, kept your scheduling air tight, and are serving everyone equally.

They Can Help With the Kids

Even your assistant will have some downtime in between prepping and educating clients, even during a 15 minute session! Having someone to work with the kids, and even hold them while their parents get a picture together is so ideal!

This is actually my husband (and assistant!) holding a newborn during his family’s Christmas Mini session in November 2021. This allowed for the parents to focus on themselves for 5 minutes, and get some much needed pictures that they hadn’t had for a while.

What I Can Do To Help YOU

If you’ve finally decided- “Maybe an assistant is right for me and my Mini Sessions!” Then that’s GREAT!

BUT, you can go very wrong when y ou don’t prep your assistant the RIGHT WAY.

If you expect your assistant to know everything, just go over things via text, or if they’ve never event hosted their own (successful) Mini Sessions using their own assistant- you might want to train them a bit before you bring them on to start serving your families.

How can you do that in under 10 minutes?

The Assistant Accelerator might be a good fit for you!

This 7 minute video allows for you to sit back & let me train your Assistant with the EXACT same video that I train my own Assistant (also my husband) with! It comes what to do before the session, during, after, and how they can push your brand forward & help make those sales!

If you’re in the fence, I get it. It’s a $27 Mini Lesson/Guide that you might be wondering if it “really works”. When we spend our hard earned money, that is the exact type of question that pops into everyone’s head! Read the most recent review for The Assistant Accelerator & tell me what you think!

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