Create $40,000 with the clients you already have without investing energy and money into gaining new clients!

You're Ready To Create Repeat Clients that Support Your Business & Lifestyle!

Let Me Show You What To Do Instead

You're waiting for them to reach out to you in another year to book a session. You're leaving it up to them, and you're basically abandoning them.

But Miranda, they're following me on Social and interreacting with me!

But that's just not enough.

How many emails do you send your client after you deliver their gallery? My guess is probably none!

You're abandoning more than 50% of your clients instead of nurturing them!

I bet you didn't know...

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Automation can be your best friend, but what can you automate in your business today? Contracts, Proposals, Invoicing... oh my!



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Are you purposefully responding to inquiries when they come in? What about growing your business with your blogs and marketing tactics that work? We're pulling the curtain back on all this information in this Phase!



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Between Cost of Doing Business, your CRM, and how to set up your portfolio so that your clients are drawn to you- the groundwork for your experience starts here!


The Groundwork

Did you know about..

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You're not done with your client when you send them that gallery email- don't even think about archiving that project until you do this 1 thing.


After Delivery Marketing

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Culling purposefully to invoke bliss, laughter, and tears while making it easy for your clients to purchase additional items like digital downloads & albums.



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Posing for kids of all ages, avoiding breakdowns, and offering the ideal client experience while you spend your time with your clients will make the most impact!


Their Session Experience

The 6 Phases of Client Experience?

Gaining New Inquiries

Structuring Your Prices for Sustainability

Not Having Enough Bookings

Worrying About Failing

Bookings Strangers

Raising Your Prices

Creating a Workflow That Leads Clients Back to You

I know that you're struggling with...

Learn to bring your clients back time & time again & sing your praises!

create automated points in your business so that you can collect money quickly

curate galleries purposefully & encourage raw emotions with your clients

Learn how to show up for your clients before they even book with you

pose your clients with confidence that make you feel like a seasoned pro

Start creating a sustainable business that supports your lifestyle

But You Don't Have to Struggle Anymore!

Tell me about this course!

Then I focused on not gaining new clients, but serving the ones that I had so well, that they came back twice a year as I raised my prices from $180 to $500!

I was desperate to leave my 9-5 but couldn't figure out how to make it happen. I wasn't getting enough clients!

I'm passionate about helping Family Photographers support their lifestyle with their business!

About Miranda


"I Love Miranda's Personality And Style!  She’s The Best And I Just Adore Her, I’m So Thankful For This Experience!"


"Miranda Gave Me Fresh Ideas And Was Super Supportive And Energetic. Invest The Money."


"I am so glad I found you! You're clearly worth your weight in gold!"

Don't take it from me...



How to Collect Reviews & Plan Blogs

Being Intentional with Clients

Encouraging Sales After Your Session

Posing for Families of all Sizes

Breakdown of SEO for Family Photogs

Packages that Encourage Booking

Marketing for New (ish) Photographers

Break It Down!

You can't provide the Ideal Client Experience if you're focused on gaining new clients and ignoring the ones you have!

Let me show you the ins and outs of providing that Ideal Client Experience so that your past clients grow your business past $40,000!

The Family Experience Course

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Of course!

I offer a 1-time payment of $447 or 2 payments of $247.

Of course!

I really want to join this course, but it's a large investment. Is there a payment plan that I could use?

Each phase is less than 30 minutes long so that you can implement them easily & immediately!

About 3 hours

How long will it take me to watch everything inside?

In fact, the sooner you start implementing this information the more successful you will be as a Family Photographer!

not at all!

Do I have to be a Seasoned Photographer to start taking this course?

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