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Do you want to become a sought after Family Photographer that creates relationships that last & replace your 9-5 income? Apply for this 1:1 Coaching to allow your business to flourish!

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I want to help you MASTER your Family Sessions & the experience you're providing your clients!

Coaching Calls Exist To Grow Your Business And Help You Meet Your Goals! Working With A Coach Gives You The Chance To Ask The Right Questions And Get More Answers Than Blindly Searching The Internet Could

Is this the next step for your business? When you apply for Coaching we'll discuss where you are now & where you'd like to be in 6 months. If this is the right step for you & your business, then you'll be welcomed in as a new Coaching student!

Let's chat about how 1:1 coaching can impact your business & life

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We'll find a day that works best for our schedules where we can dedicate about 90 minutes to work together via Zoom! This Coaching call will be recorded and you will always have access to it.

this hands on learning experience is going to change the way you offer family sessions

Our Time Together

Amazing, you decided that this is the right step for your business! We'll decide on a date & time where we will dissect your workflow, break down posing and prompts, offer your clients an ideal client experience, and so much more!

this hands on learning experience is going to change the way you offer family sessions

Creating Your 6 month plan

As part of your 1:1 Coaching we will sit down & create a 6-month plan based on your goals! Your goal could be to grow your income, create higher valued packages, gain more clients- the possibilities are truly endless.

You're not alone in Building this business





Start Raising your prices!

the process

How to shoot in difficult lighting scenarios

Posing & Prompts for families to create light-hearted & candid portraits

My Personal Family Session Workflow

What You'll learn

What happens when your Family Session goes off the rails

and guess what! All of these things will lead you to confidently raise your price and create a business that aligns with your dreams and supports your family!

Teach Me All of this!

"I love miranda's personality and style! The times that she instructed where to go for the best shot was very helpful! she’s the best and I just adore her, I’m so thankful for this experience!"


From students

"She was so friendly and welcoming and provided great direction, She did an amazing job! Thank you SO much again for hosting such a fun evening. I had a great time and learned a lot!"

Tina Says...

Erin Says...

"Miranda gave me fresh ideas and was super supportive and energetic. Invest the money. Iron sharpens iron. You will always learn something new and also make a friend in this industry."

Jen Says...

How do I know if I need this?

You want to replace your 9-5 income

If you're charging less than $400

You crave more time with your family

your families aren't repeat clients

If your editing is taking hours

Posing & prompts don't come easily to you

90 Minute Recorded Zoom Call
Walkthroughs of Family Sessions and break down ideal Prompts & Posing
Learning how to offer your Clients an Ideal Client Experience
A personalized 6-month plan created for you

It's my job to give you the tools To Grow Your Family Photography Business To Support Your Lifestyle!

coaching includes

investment begins at ONLY $497

Virtual Coaching


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Take your first step: A Complimentary Coaching Call where we talk about your fears & how to implement actionable steps to overcome them!

1:1 Virtual coaching

Meet Miranda

I did everything I wasn't supposed to do! My families never left happy, I didn't blogged a single session, I was overworking myself, and never brought in more than $1,000 a year!

Now, I'm adding more flare and personality to my Family Sessions, reaching a new client base that I wasn't before, and have brought in over $40,000 from families ALONE while working my full-time job!

The best part is that I'm not having to overwork myself to get these results anymore. I'm authentic & passionate just like you- but now I know how to harness that and create an amazing experience for my clients.

Family Sessions are amazing for me and my family, they allow me to stay home with my girls, spend more time doing what I love, and have given me the gift of educating HUNDREDS of photographers all over the world!

Sharing this information and allowing others to support their family is my main reason for doing this!

Let me help you make

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Start the journey that will take your business from side hustle to providing for your family, allowing you to quit your 9-5, and giving you your evenings and weekends back!

Why force yourself to work 10 times harder learning everything by yourself? You're pushing your success back back by years instead of investing into your future. Let me help you create the Family Photography business that you have been dreaming of!

i'm ready to see success!