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Felt Overwhelmed & Confused In Your Workflow

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Been Frustrated Because You're Not Booking Consistently

Threw in the towel

Like you don't know what the next steps should be or how to apply them

You're struggling to fill your time slots, and you've tried everything- you're marketing to your clients, getting the word out there, but still- no one is booking!

You just don't "get" how to host Mini Sessions. What is the secret sauce that everyone has?

When you're struggling to plan your Minis, everything seems overwhelming!

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You don't know if you should start charging yet, or maybe you're charging, but only $50 for 20 minutes!

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Teach Me All of this!


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The Successful Minis Lesson

Teach Me All of this!

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Meet Miranda

I did everything I wasn't supposed to do! My families never left happy, I didn't blogged a single session, I was overworking myself, and never brought in more than $1,000 a year!

Now, I'm adding more flare and personality to my Family Sessions, reaching a new client base that I wasn't before, and have brought in over $40,000 from families ALONE while working my full-time job!

The best part is that I'm not having to overwork myself to get these results anymore. I'm authentic & passionate just like you- but now I know how to harness that and create an amazing experience for my clients.

Family Sessions are amazing for me and my family, they allow me to stay home with my girls, spend more time doing what I love, and have given me the gift of educating HUNDREDS of photographers all over the world!

Sharing this information and allowing others to support their family is my main reason for doing this!