What will you learn?


How to plan out your Minis from start to finish!

The steps to Upsell your full gallery

My own personal workflow for Successful Mini Sessions




"Callie is sweeter than sweet! She captured our day just the way we had hoped! Every photo is beautiful, and we are so thrilled!"


"I recommend Callie to every engaged couple I know! She is a gifted wedding photographer through and through! We couldn't be happier or more excited!"


Like you don't know what the next steps should be or how to apply them

Have You ever...

Felt overwhelmed & confused in your workflow

You just don't "get" how to host Mini Sessions. What is the secret sauce that everyone has?

threw in the towel

You're struggling to fill your time slots, and you've tried everything- you're marketing to your clients, getting the word out there, but still- no one is booking!

been Frustrated because you're not booking consistently

When you're struggling to plan your Minis, everything seems overwhelming!

It doesn't have to be that overwhelming!

You don't know if you should start charging yet, or maybe you're charging, but only $50 for 20 minutes!

I know it, you know it, and your clients know it, too! They want you to succeed & so do I.

Join me for this free course so that we can set you up with the tools for success

I'm Miranda, thanks for coming by

welcome, friend

I'm a mom, wife, and photographer myself! I've been hosting Mini sessions for years & I finally found the sweet spot! No more frustration when it comes to booking, or guessing at my next steps.

When I walk you through my Workflow for Successful Minis you'll be following the same steps that I myself follow to ensure fully booked sessions- every time

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