Are you ready to leave behind uncertainty? Leave behind the wonder of what will work for your business & actually grow you into a successful Family Photographer? You can learn all of it at this Fundamentals Workshop!

Stop The Guessing Game!

I want to help you MASTER your Family Sessions & the experience you're providing your clients!

Lighting & Posing 

an in person workshop to grow your confidence at posing & lighting



+ Searching Pinterest right before your session

+ living with imposter syndrome

+ giving your clients stiff portraits that don't tell a story

+ Offering new & bold posing

+ giving your clients a new experience

+ feeling confident during your sessions

+ enjoying the process!


1:1 Coaching
for Family Photographers

Raise your prices & Apply an improved workflow to Start running the photography business that will support both your dreams & family!

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When you learn from me you gain more than just a mentor, but a community of photographers that are facing the same struggles that you face. We work together to help each other, find solutions to all the problems, and most importantly- find & create solutions that work WITH & FOR you!

Focusing on the hardships that photographers face, our goal is to find the solutions that work FOR YOU!

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