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Romantic Engagement Session at Longs Park, anyone?

Brandon spun Olivia around, and as she fell into his arms they had caught the attention of everyone in a 30 foot radius. It may have been because she looked like a princess or because they were laughing with everything they had. This romantic engagement session at Longs Park will have you swooning and falling in love with this couple.

I don’t know if they had practiced spinning before, but they were capturing everyone’s attention and in that moment I think that everyone fell in love with them.

As we walked around the pond Olivia & Brandon had done their fair share of spins, twists, lifts, and twirls. By the end they even had a few fans that tried to photo bomb a shot or two! I wouldn’t exactly consider this a negative of shooting in public places, but it definitely gave us a laugh between shots.

Just like so many of my 2020 couples Olivia & Brandon had to change some of their plans for their wedding day. As much fun as we had during our time together it was eventually brought up that while their wedding date remained the same the amount of family and friends that would be celebrating with them had changed. Drastically.

No matter how it had affected their wedding day they will still be surrounded by friends & family that love them and support their journey together as husband & wife.

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