Do We Need a Wedding Planner or Can We Cut That Cost?


Weddings can be EXPENSIVE, that’s no surprise to anyone. I even thought to myself on my own wedding day, “Do we really need a wedding planner?”

I’ve taken part in weddings that have ranged from $200-$25,000 and what I notice more than anything is who the responsibility falls on during the wedding day.

Why do I noticed that more than anything else?

Surprisingly enough- it’s the photographer.

I can’t tell you how many times I have ran from the Bridal Suite to talk to the Florist about the set up for the reception, or how many times I’m communicating with my brides on behalf of the venue. I don’t mind the extras on the weddings days, I actually have gotten pretty used to it. Giving my clients a simple and easy experience on their wedding day is what I strive for.

Unfortunately, not everyone comes to me when they have questions or concerns- & who would blame them? They don’t assume that a photographer is there for much more than taking pictures, so they run directly to the couple if something goes wrong.

I once counted how many times someone had come to the bride about little things through out the day.

31 times.
What did they all need?

Where should the caterer put the cake?

Is there a fridge for the cupcakes?

Am I walking down the aisle before or after Hannah?

Is John ready for the First Look?

Just the silliest requests that the bride had absolutely no idea how to answer. She had been locked in the Bridal Suite for 4 hours, working on hair and make up, meeting with parents and grandparents who wanted to give their well wishes.

The stress that she felt that day was overwhelming, she wasn’t able to focus on enjoying her down time before walking down the aisle. Instead of chatting with her bridal party and drinking mimosas, she was meeting with vendor after vendor with questions about the reception set up.

Recently I spoke with Taryn- owner of Taryn Blake Events to figure out what Wedding Planners do behind the scenes, and how they make your lives easier from the moment you book them.

Can you give me an overview of what my clients can expect by booking a Wedding Planner?

“I actually get this question a lot! Some people want help with the entire planning process, having us guide them every step of the way. Some couples come to us because they need help bringing their vision to life. They don’t feel like they have the best grasp on design so we will pull all of those pieces together. Some people love having planners because we help with their budgeting- making sure that they’re staying on track.”

“The best things for the best value within their budget.”

What about Venue Coordinators? Don’t they do the same thing as a Wedding Planner?

There is a dramatic different between Venue Coordinators & Individual Coordinators. We fill in a lot of the holes during all the preplanning that a venue coordinator would not do. And at the end of the day we are the absolutely independent, 3rd party advocate for the couple. We are the ones that would fight tooth and nail for our client because we are literally only working for our clients.”

Wedding Planners are advocates for you & your fiancée, from the moment that you book them until you leave your venue they are working to make your lives easier.

You can of course skip booking a Wedding Planner, you can also leave the photographer behind, and forget about a venue too.

Just because we can do something, doesn’t always mean that we should.

Don’t forget that when no one else fights for you, they will be.

Do you have a personal experience with a Wedding Planner? I would love to hear it!

Where can you find Taryn & her team? Taryn Blake Events works with couples all over Lancaster County- but if you’re in need of a Wedding Planner I wouldn’t wait around! Her 2021 slots are completely booked and her 2022 slots have limited availability- check her out!

While you’re looking around, check out one of our favorite weddings here in Lancaster County!

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