Amy Mast | Overlook Park | 11.29.20


Amy met me at Overlook Park in late November, right after Thanksgiving, to capture her Maternity portraits! Meeting someone for the first time you never quite know what they look like face-to-face, but when I say Amy- I knew.

She wore a beautiful pink gown with a slit that made it perfect for twirls, and held in one hand a pair of beige wedges. Asking for a more stylish mom-to-be was out of the question, Amy blew me away!

We chatted & she asked me which shoes I preferred, since there would be no changes once she put them on. If you’re a mom (or mom-to-be) yourself, then you know the struggle she was referring to! At 32 weeks I already couldn’t see my feet, let alone switch shoes half way through a portrait session, either.

I already mentioned that she was stylish, but she gets extra brownies points for the trust she had in me! When I suggested that we make our way to the traffic circle, covered in debris & trash, she jumped at the chance! She was up for anything, and her willingness to trust me lead to a gallery of stunning portraits.

Would you have guessed that this was the same Overlook Park you’ve taken your kids to for years? I wouldn’t have thought we could take these shots in such an overcrowded area- but the proof is right in front of me.

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