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Stacey & I originally schedule her Maternity Portraits for April of 2020 at The White Cliffs of Conoy. At this point it was illegal for non-essential business to continue to stay open. When we received the order I knew I had to reschedule session & weddings alike. Unfortunately Stacey & Her husband’s maternity Session would be one of them.

Kevin & Stacey both agreed that with Stacey being pregnant it wasn’t safe for us to chance exposure. We would have to postpone our session until after the order had been lifted by Governor Wolf.

Probably not Fate

I can’t tell you if I believe the phrase, “Everything happens for a reason”. Though, sometimes I think things fall into place so perfectly that there might not be any other explanation. That was the case here with Stacey & her family.

We could have originally had this session in April, where the weather in Pennsylvania is unpredictable. We could be walking right into snow laying on the ground the morning of our session. Instead we hiked up a path in early October that lead us form the base of the mountain to these beautiful White Cliffs of Conoy that overlooked the Susquehanna River.

I can’t stress to anyone how much I have wanted to bring a family or couple here, and in absolutely no way did it disappoint.

The view was nothing but water and trees for miles. Though there were others there with us, we felt completely alone & at absolute peace.

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