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This Strasburg Park Wedding started off with a beautiful bride, princess-like flower girls, and a stylish arrival.

Sarah stepped out of the truck and patiently waited for the last bit of guests to make their way to the amphitheater. She stood with her brother and flower girls, hiding away from everyone. All her mother & I could see was her peeking out to make sure that the coast was clear.

After a call to her daughter Petra gave her the green light, and Sarah sent out the flowers girls one-by-one. Sarah chose to enter in style, she didn’t walk out like we had expected her to but instead she had her brother drive her to us in a golf cart!

When they made their way to us she slowly stepped off the golf cart, and I had seen her for the first time since we left the house 20 minutes ago. Somehow this time was different. Her veil flowed past her shoulders and she held in her hands the bouquet that Justin had made for her. She took a deep breath and smiled with her entire face. Her eyes were filled with excitement, and we all knew she was ready to walk down that aisle.

Sarah’s mom began fixing up her veil, straightening the bow on her dress one last time, and brushing her hair to the side.

It was finally time to see Justin.

“I’ll see you soon!” I told Sarah. I worked my way down to the Amphitheater, cutting through the trees and path leading to the guests and groom to be that anxiously awaited her arrival.

Seeing Justin for the first time since that morning I couldn’t believe that he was the same person. Only a few hours ago he was with his groomsmen laughing and trying to corral their 2 year old into a little blue suit. Now, he was anxious and could hardly contain his excitement. He knew that in just a few moments he would be seeing Sarah as he never had before.

The flower girls walked down the aisle and he greeted each of them with smiles and compliments. They looked like princesses.

When Sarah was brought up to the start of the aisle Justin’s face changes dramatically. He wasn’t smiling anymore, instead he was fighting to hold back tears.

As Sarah walked down the aisle it became more difficult for Justin to keep his composure. When she made it to her place next to him at the alter he let out a sigh- Wow. Here they were, together.

Listening to Justin & Sarah give their vows left very few people with dry eyes. They let tears roll off their cheeks, and laughter filled the air as they spoke to each other- heart-to-heart.

These portraits are only a glimpse into their beautiful October wedding, & I hope that you enjoy every last bit.

This Strasburg Park wedding held so many personal touches from the couple, every detail had been planned out and it had come to life.

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