Top 7 Mother’s Day Gifts in 2021


I can’t believe we’re already here in April! I’ll be saying that every month for the rest of 2021 because time seems to just FLY by! With April now here, you know what that means? Mother’s Day is right around the corner! That means that your yearly “Top Mother’s Day Gifts” list is here, and this year we are going to hit it out of the park.

Are you like me? Do you wait until the last minute every single year to get your mom something that she ends up pretending to like?

Not this year! I will plan ahead better this year and she won’t be stuck with another coffee cup talking about how “The World’s Best Daughter Gave You This Mug”.

I’m giving myself & all of you ample time to buy something that your mom will LOVE! No more last minute shopping or searching Amazon for something that costs less than $25 AND includes 2-day shipping because we can’t seem to remember Holidays.

We are going to show all of our siblings up this year! The links that I provide you on this blog post not only give you DISCOUNTS & COUPONS but it also offers MEP the chance to keep bringing you blogs like this & so much more!

Now- let’s jump in to the good stuff…

1. Fontana Candles

Have you ever heard of Fontana Candles? They were named 2020’s Winner for Best New Natural Living Product! A Lancaster, Pa Family dedicated to creating candles that add to a healthy life. “We believe what you breathe is just as important as what you eat when it comes to your health.”

Not sure which scent your mom or loved one would like? Grab a gift card, starting at $10! Help her celebrate Spring by bringing a healthy & clean burning candle into her home this year! Don’t think a candle will be enough? You’re probably right- maybe you should check out their Samplers & Gift sets for under $50!

Did I mention that with your first order you can save 15%! Fontana Candle is run by a local family, so if you’re not already sold then this should put you over the edge!

Enjoy their Lemon Orange Blossom or Pink Grapefruit Candle while knowing you’re breathing in chemical-free aromas that leave you feeling like heaven.

2. Rae’s Roots

Keeping on with the healthy life style and clean living- these teas are specifically designed for mom by moms! Joanna- the creator of Rae’s Roots, has this to say about creating these for tea lovers & moms alike:

“I turned to a group of ingestible Chinese herbs called adaptogens for their healing power and ability to ease tension and stress. With time…with setbacks and with a lot of support from mom friends and mom strangers, I emerged as a new person. And therefore as a new mom. “

Their ingredients are sourced directly from family farms that don’t use nasty pesticides or chemicals to help these plants and herbs grow. 100% natural & chemical free is the way to be! Rae’s Roots off 10% on your first order, and did I forget to mention that they also have a subscription box?? If you have a tea lover in your life you should consider connecting with this wonderful woman!

3. AudioBooksNow

Does your mom love reading, too? A great gift for moms who love to read is a subscription from AudiobooksNow! I didn’t say that these gifts would be “normal”- I said they would be good! Not only can you be her favorite kid by giving her this gift, but you can also Save 50% on her first Audiobook!

You might as well just give her a gift basket filled with all of these gifts- you’re saving enough money to make that happen!

4. WiredForWine

Ohhhh here we go. With 70% off subscriptions & 1 time purchases I don’t know why you wouldn’t add this to her cart… and then maybe one to yours, too! Get those discounts here, you don’t want to pay full price!

Consider signing her up for a virtual wine tasting, and let them do the rest! Remember- ordering now means that you don’t have to stress-buy in a few weeks! Top Mother’s Day Gifts? I think so!

5. Nick’s Ice Cream

Have you heard of Subscription boxes for ice cream?? This year is the first time I’m hearing about it too, and I am very disappointed that this hasn’t been more popular!

Subscription boxes for ice cream coming to your door- your choice of 6 to up to 36 (!!!) pints of flavors like Choklad Choklad, Karamell Swirl, Strawbar Swirl, Salta Karamell, Swedish Lemon Bar, Swedish Cookie Dough, and no much more! You’ll receive FREE shipping and $20 off with this link so don’t skip out on it!

6. Best Maine Lobster

This one you might have to schedule out a bit! But yes, you read that right.

Lobster. Fresh from Maine. For your mom.

Out of the box thinking, but that’s what you come here for!

Hardly anyone wants to pay full price for anything, let alone lobster shipped straight from Maine (next day delivery!) so let’s sweeten this deal- You’ll receive 10% off your order when you’re ready to bite the bullet and give your mother a Fresh Maine Lobster dinner.

7. Custom Mother’s Day Card

You can’t very well just drop these gifts on your mom without sending along a hand made card that tells her how much you love her. You love her so much you decided to buy something ahead of time, that actually took planning! And reading about it on someone’s blog. But that doesn’t matter!

Throw in some wall art while you’re browsing Julia’s website- they’re all handmade by a wonderful calligrapher that ships all over the US! If you sign up for her email list (which is a GREAT idea!) you’ll receive 10% off your first order!

Supporting a small business and making your mom happy? You can’t do much better than that!

Talk about Top Mother’s Day Gifts!

Thank you for sticking with me through this list of slightly unorthodox gifts for your Mother’s Day 2021! Did any of these peak your interest? I would love to know, so feel free to write a comment or shoot me an email!

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