The 6 Pillars of Mini Sessions

Mini Session

As Family Photographers it only makes sense that we would be looking at including or hosting Mini Sessions! There is so much planning that goes into Mini Sessions than just saying “Alright, let’s set something up!” and expecting people to book and to actually make a profit. I want to go over the 6 Pillars of Minis with you- these are the most important pieces of Mini Sessions that are going to take your Client Experience to the next level & provide profits that you haven’t seen before!

Let’s start with what the 6 Pillars are:

  1. Details
  2. Sign Up s& Getting People to Notice
  3. Serving After The Sign Up
  4. The Day of Your Minis
  5. Delivering
  6. After The Minis

Each of these pillars have their own importance, and all are key to hosting successful Mini Sessions!

Let’s go into depth with each Pillar here, including the questions that you need to ask yourself to host successful Minis! Please use this as more of a checklist for what you need to have done and set up for each pillar!

Each 6 Pillar In Depth

  1. Details
    • What are my goals?
    • How long will I host these sessions for?
    • What does my budget look like & how can I still hit my goal after these expenses?
    • What venues or location would be perfect for these?
    • When do I want to host these & what is my plan if we get rained out?

  2. Sign Ups & Getting People To Notice
    • Who is my ideal client for this session?
    • How do I market to them specifically?
    • How is it possible to add value while asking them to book?
    • Go over all the details for my Model Call
    • Set up my sign up on my favorite website scheduler- Sessions!

  3. Serving After The Sign Up
    • Have your families sign a contract
    • Get your Waitlist set up
    • Invoicing & questionnaires
      • If you’re stuck on working & can’t figure out the best way to reach your clients, I do offer an Email Tempalte kit that is ONLY accessible through The (Family Photographer) Vault! It covers everything including Questionnaires, Invoices, Welcome Emails, and so much more! You will also have access to The Emails for The People Pleasing Photographers!
  4. The Day Of
    • Poses & Family Combinations
    • A way to separate families on your SD card
    • A solid way to keep on schedule- there is no room for error when you have back to back session!
    • & knowledge on how to work with the most difficult families

  5. Delivering Galleries
    • Set up my plan for my gallery without overwhelming the families
      • What is the perfect number of images to include in their gallery & what deals do I offer?
    • Should I edit these images before I send them or let the clients pick & choose?
    • What gallery software am I using to send my clients their gallery?
    • Do I send Sneak Peeks or not?

  6. After Everything!
    • Blog the session!
    • What is your game plan for reshoots & refunds?

Are You More of a Visual Learner? Grab my free download for Mini Session Workflow right here!

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