What Should I Wear for my Family’s Christmas Portraits?


You’ve been all over Pinterest, Facebook Groups, Google- and they’ve all landed you here! My guess is that you’re not in full panic mode just yet, but it’s getting close because your family’s Christmas Minis are just around the corner! You’re asking yourself, “What should I wear for my family’s Christmas Portraits?” And you are far far from alone.

Every year when I book my Christmas Minis I’m asked, “Miranda- should we wear all red & green? What about beige & blue? Would that look good?” I’ve seen outfits from matching Christmas Pajamas to full ball gown style attire in the snow. We’ll cover a few different options that will keep your family smiling with all that Christmas Cheer!

How To Dress Your Family For Christmas Portraits

1. Red & Green- Traditional!

You’ve thought about it- it’s probably the first color combination that you thought of when you started planning your outfits. Red & Green- so traditional, so classic, and so you! Putting yourself right into The Christmas Spirit by wearing the most traditional colors for the Holiday, and honestly? It has my vote 100%!

2. Keep it Colorful!

Thinking about keeping it colorful? Then bring out the big guns with this color combination! Red, Blue, Beige, and Yellow make for a stunning combination, I mean just look at this family and how well everything pops while still bringing that Christmas Spirit. You don’t have to stay traditional if that’s just not your vibe!

3. Beige is a beautiful color!

Do I love a Bold & Unapologetic look? Heck yes!! Do I also just as much love a beige & light colored color swatch for Family Christmas Cards? I absolutely do! You don’t have to be a stickler for color to get raw and beautiful portraits like these! Just follow what works for your family the best, because you’ll never go wrong!

4. Bold Colors & no apologies!

Speaking of Bold & Unapologetic colors! Leave it to my best friend to BRING THE COLOR POP with her son at their last Christmas Portraits. A bright red dress showing off her baby bump (you’ll just have to trust me, it’s there!) And then a stunning beige & deep royal blue to match? Are you kidding me? The style? Amazing. The look? To die for.

5. Green never fails to impress

Throwing it back to traditional here! Green is a staple color for Christmas, and I don’t think we can argue that! When you decide to go all in with that color, you will not disappoint! Will you want to add a few other colors to balance it out? Of course! Blue, beige, white, and tights could stop anyone in their tracks!

6. But Red never hurt anyone, either!

And a bold red on all the kids? Start thinking outside the box, because these perfectly matching outfits are obviously huge winners! “Don’t dress in matching clothes” does not apply when you are rocking these dresses!

7. You can’t argue with checkers!

Well, I guess you could! But you might be wrong! My families are coming in with checkers every single year, and this style never gets old! It checks all the boxes: Bold. Traditional. Colorful. A show stopper. Must I go on? I am in love with checkers, and even have my very own set of checker Christmas pajamas. You can’t really go wrong!

Have any of these COlor Schemes fallen on your radar? I know that a personal favorite of mine are bold colors, Christmas pajamas, and the traditional red/green/beige! If (and when!) you find yourself (or a friend) asking “What should I wear for my family’s Christmas portraits?” I hope you think of this guide, and that it helps you create a beautiful style for your family!

Are you more interested in having a download you can share with family & friends? Grab yours right here so you can pass on the joy to family & friends!

Let’s talk about other families that have taken their Style Game to the Next Level!

The Plumberg Family

The Shaubach Family

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