Brooks’ Newborn Session


You’re thinking about setting your own Lancaster Pa Newborn Pictures. Especially if they can be taken in your own home where your kids will feel comfortable- I get it.

Erin & Bryce reached out in September to schedule the most important & intimate family photos they’ve had- Brooks’ Newborn Session. Welcoming their first baby in July, Erin & Bryce wanted to capture what their day to day looked like with Brooks.

Not inside a studio, or at a local park, but inside their own home.

Where they share those late night feeds, the early morning couch cuddles, and coffee before the sun rises.

The nursery was nothing short of a labor of love. From the books that were dedicated to their pug, the accent wall filled with sunshine, and the woodland animals that covered the wall- Brooks’ nursery was set up for quite the little man.

Being asked to capture a family’s legacy is such a gift, and to have any role in Erin & Bryce’s growing family was absolutely unmatched.

The next step is to check out other Lancaster Pa Newborn Pictures! Families that you may know, that have take advantage of the experience that you receive as a Miranda Eorio Family.

Like The Bushong Family

Or The Shaubachs

Or even The Plumbergs!

Scheduling Your Own Family Legacy Portraits Might Be The Next Best Step For Your Family!

How do you know if now is the best time for your own family portraits?

Can you answer “Yes!” to any of these questions?

  • Has it been more than 2 years since your last family photos?
  • Have you experienced any big life changes since your last photos?
  • Do you keep saying, “That is such a fun idea- maybe we should do that!”
  • Are you putting off getting pictures until you ‘lose enough weight’?

Well then, if this is you- then the right time is now to get your Family Portraits done!

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