3 Ways To Keep Your Conversion Rates Above 75%

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Have you heard photographers talking about Conversion Rates before? Are they even important, and what the heck do they even prove? We’ll we’re going to break down what conversion rates are, how they affect your business as a Family Photographer, and 3 ways to keep your conversion rates above 75% !

Let’s talk about what a Conversion Rate is:

Bookings / Inquiries = Conversion Rate

For the past 6 months I’ve been consistently converting 90% of my inquiries into bookings!

My conversion rate is 90%

For every 10 people that inquire with me, I’m booking 9 of them.

How is that even possible? Am I doing something that other people can’t do?

Of course not!

You can bring in your ideal clients and start to speak to them on such a fine tuned level that they feel inclined to book with you, and I’m going to break down the 3 ways to keep your conversion rates above 75%. What I list here are things that you can do & change on your website today. Yes, SEO and copy are IMPORTANT- figuring out who you’re speaking to, how to speak to them, and you can (and should) invest in someone to write your copy for you. Today though, that doesn’t make this list.

Updated Portraits On Your Website

I update my website at least once a week- just adding new portraits from my sessions and keeping the content fresh! Once a year I do a complete overhaul, take down all of my old portraits, and update them with new ones that fits my style a little bit better. I choose my images purposefully.

How it helps: Google loves to see updated websites! When you look on Google you’ll find me on the first page when you look up “Lancaster Pennsylvania Family Photographer”. Do you know how many Family Photographers we have in Lancaster, Pa? HUNDREDS! Before I started updating my website I wasn’t finding myself on Google ANYWHERE unless I was searching my name. Now I’m on the front page, with a little help with narrowing my SEO I’m now visible to all the families in my area that are looking for a Family Photographer. This means that I’m getting leads that are interested in not only my style, but my pricing since they have such easy access to it. When a client inquiries with me they’re already a qualified lead!

Personalized Email Responses

When I receive a booking I have a template that I use to make sure that my families are being served properly. It includes a link to the Proposal where they can choose their package (I offer 3!), my Client Closet, and most importantly- a personalized message in the very beginning of the email that I send to them. When clients inquire through my website i ask important questions like the date their looking to book, their family name, email- the basics. But I also make sure to ask them about their family- who their kids are, what they like, what their family looks like and more! That helps me connect with them on a personal level & include facts and messages about their family. People appreciate it, they like being seen as more than “just clients” and it gives them confidence that you’re going to treat them right.

Referrals From Past Clients

This really solidifies my bookings! When someone friend tells them about the experience that they just had with their photographer their friends want that experience, too! They’ll send them my information when they’re looking for their own photographer (and even before)! They’re sharing our portraits on their social media & tagging me (because I ask them to in my gallery email). Everything that I do with my clients is intentional, from the language that I use during our session to the emails that I follow up with. So when they have a Client Experience was 10/10- they can’t stop talking about it!

Because of these 3 things my conversion rate has been consistently 90% for the past 6 months! In those past 6 months I’ve raised my prices by $200 & have been booking more consistently than ever before. Don’t hesitate to make these changes in your business & website TODAY! Being intentional will help guide everything in your business to hit the goals you have set and be profitable.

You Can Always Get 1:1 Coaching with me if you’re not sure which direction to take your business next!

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