Do I Need a Proposal as a Family Photographer?


You’ve probably asked yourself before…. Do I really need a Proposal as a Family Photographer? Aren’t those just for big business or bankers? Well, the short answer is yes you need one, and they are for businesses of every size! I have tried it without a Proposal & with one. I will never ever EVER go back to doing things by hand. If I had to change something in my business I would get a CRM to start using everything that it had offer- including Proposals!

No. Proposals are not only for wedding photographers. Yes they can help you save so much time & effort while bringing in more money. Let’s talk about how that happens!

What is a Proposal?

A Proposal is an online document that outlines your packages and offers. It allows for information collection and for your clients to quickly and easily move from choosing a package to contract signing then to paying your invoice in full. My Proposal is really nothing fancy! It’s a short and sweet questionnaire basically that asks 20-ish questions. I do this so that I can get to know their family and they can pick a package I offer. I only had the option to start using one when I joined a CRM. So far my favorite is Dubsado!


When you have a Proposal you send your clients in your initial email it allows for them to talk about their family, choose their dates, sign their contract and pay your invoice without you having to look at your phone or computer again! Everything is attached, and it will give them to the perfect opportunity to do everything in a 1 stop shop! I have mine set up so that when my clients finish the questionnaire they choose their package. When they click next for this 3 part service they then can sign the contract for the package that they’re interested in. Once more click of the “Next” button leads them right into paying their invoice, and I give them the option of paying in full or just the deposit at the time of booking.

More Money!

Proposals are another way of serving your clients, making the process easy for them and less difficult to book.
When they think of booking a photographer for their family again or even for their friends they’re going to remember the ease of booking. If you nail the rest of the Client Experience then you’re a shoo in for next year’s family session! If the process is easy, fun, and their portraits are beautiful? Changes are that they are going to book again and talk about their amazing experience. Family photographers create a bond that allows them to capture their life through out the years, it’s not just a one time relationship.

Fewer Emails

You’re tired of going back and forth with emails 5 times a day (or maybe even over the course of a week or more!) just waiting for them to book with you, right? Waiting for some form of official booking after going over their availability, which package works best for them, and everything in between? Proposals let them figure out the details and go back and forth inside the form instead of inside your inbox.

Waking up to 5 emails in your inbox might have your heart racing and give you an extra pep in your step, but if it’s the same family in your inbox time and time again just trying to find a date that works for them or find the right package for their needs then you might not have that pep that we just talked about. Make it easy for your families to choose, give them options and answers to their questions all in one space!

So let’s recap!

+ Quicker Bookings
+ Fewer Emails
+ & More Money

Sounds pretty convincing to me! You do need a Proposal as a Family Photographer, even if you’ve gottan along alright so far without one.

I’d love to show you exactly how to do this using my exact workflow for setting up a Proposal. If you’re interested or thinking about setting up one-on-one coaching to take your client experience from the level that it’s currently at to the next go ahead fill out the 1:1 Coaching Form here. I’ll schedule your free complimentary 30 minute phone call zoom call with me.

We’ll go over whatever you want to go over in those 30 minutes. Normally I take a deep dive into my student’s websites! We look at the portfolio that they offer and everything in between. If you’re interested in this and finding out my exact workflow so that you can start booking clients with just one email… I really encourage you to schedule this complimentary call.

Schedule Your Coaching Call with me here! Don’t worry- there are virtual and in person options that offer a variety of different tools that allow you to walk away feeling confident & ready raising your prices. Let’s create your Proposal as a Family Photographer together and help you raise that bottom line!

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