Stop putting more energy into gaining new clients than you do in retaining your current ones!

Create Rinse & Repeat Clients that take you to $40,000

Let Me Show You What To Do Instead

You're waiting for them to reach out to you in another year to book a session. You're leaving it up to them, and you're basically abandoning them.

But Miranda, they're following me on Social and interreacting with me!

But that's just not enough.

How many emails do you send your client after you deliver their gallery? My guess is probably none!

You're abandoning more than 50% of your clients instead of nurturing them!

I bet you didn't know...

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Do you have a Questionnaire or Proposal? If not- this will be INCREDIBLY important for you to hear! It's time to start building one today!



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"I can't send another email to them, they'll think I'm being too pushy!"
That might be for 10% of the people- but what about the other 90%? Learn how to do this tastefully.



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From the way that you lay out your packages to the key phrases you use!
Learning about offering the right packages is key to your success.


The Groundwork

Did you know about..

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You're not done with your client when you send them that gallery email- don't even think about archiving that project until you do this 1 thing.


After Delivery Marketing

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Let me teach you to cull with the intention of allowing your families to be emotionally invested in the highs and lows of your gallery.



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Using time intentionally with children ,even when they're at the end of their rope. We don't stop shooting when the kids are over it- we make it enjoyable for them.


Their Session Experience

The 6 Phases of Client Experience?

More About Miranda

Then I focused on not gaining new clients, but serving the ones that I had so well, that they came back twice a year as I raised my prices from $180 to $500!

I was desperate to leave my 9-5 but couldn't figure out how to make it happen. I wasn't getting enough clients!

I'm passionate about helping Family Photographers support their lifestyle with their business!


Hello There!

Our Clients Are Raving About Us


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"Mackenzie helped me to light my business on fire!"

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"Working with Mackenzie was the BEST decision"

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This free webinar will break down the 6 Phases for successful Client Retention that focuses your energy on serving your current clients to reach $40,000!


Create $40,000 with Rinse & Repeat Clients

Create $40,000 with Rinse & Repeat Clients

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